Welcome to Headfirst! Buttons. we have been making buttons for our record label label and privately for friends for ten years. Initially when we started making buttons publicly in 2014 it was to raise extra money for our small family of three for "fun activities" but in December of 2015 my partner was involving in a bad car accident when a stolen vehicle ran a redlight going 45MPH and smashed into her driver side door spinning her 180 degrees. This has left our family financially drained while she continues endless doctor appointments, therapy, injections, etc working towards recovery and has been nable to work. Pressing buttons has been a way for us to continue being self sufficient without crowd sourcing help in a time when most would and help fill excess time while our lives are on pause. let us work for you to help us both out! since 2014 we have pressed over 25,000 1" buttons for bands, businesses, pro wrestlers, comic book shops, video arcades, comic book creators, artists, benefits, baby showers, you name it we have probably done it!

Turnaround time is 3-5 days for standard orders with most shipping within 48 hours. larger jobs and rush services are available. If you have questions or would like to place an order get in touch: buttons AT headfirstrecords DOT com

download the photoshop templates here: one_inch_template.psd OR two_and_quarter_template.psd

we are able to do simple logo placement for free, for anything more advanced we do offer design services which are $5 for most button jobs. custom packaging options also available. got ideas? let's talk!

  Prices exclude shipping and are for standard color or b&w (foil, glow in the dark, glitter available for additional fees)