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Although I have put countless hours of my personal time into this - the support and help from other people has been an immense help. sorry if I leave anyone off this list -it is all appreciated just wanted to make note of a few special people and places. also a thank you to all those I don't know who I have found flyers on myspace/facebook/blogs/etc and saved over the years/anytime I find them!

Dave Owen - a staple booking shows around the Winston-Salem area during the 90s and 00's and former singer of one of the best hardcore bands to come out of Winston-Salem -responsible for a lot of the early shows I went to here that caused me to fall in love with hardcore music. Many of the mid 90s to early 00's Winston-Salem flyers are from his scans/shows he booked.
Noel Hunter - another longtime Winston-Salem vet- the original name of the archive was a nod to an old website ran which was checked pretty much religiously by me and many others for much of the late 90s and up to the mid 00's ( - the NC music flyer archive). Upon starting this project back up he provided me with the entire archive of shows from (10,000+ lines of entries to sift through!) which has been an absolutely invaluable resource for this project. (finding old bands/promoters/venues website addresses to check on Noel is awesome. thank you! if you need any sort of web design or consultation work done:
Chuck Chambers - another old winston-salem friend - member of many bands over the years, dug out his box of flyers and scanned in a lot of mid 90s winston-salem gold for the archive. most of the old town, hellenbach and early Pablo's flyers came from his contributions. Uuhngreh Schpuggenuh Records
Daniel Windham - another person (formerly) of the region who shares a similar passion for archiving - it was stumbling upon his project hes been working on that brought getting this back on track to the forefront of my mind. just received a HDD from him containing all he has collected. still part of the queue I'm working on but a lot of Greensboro area flyers! he also does a small literature press and works with zines. you can contact him here.
Andrew Dudek - another longstanding pillar of the Greensboro area. his contributions to help underground music thrive in this area is quite expansive and at this point you could probably fill a book with all he has had a hand in being a part of (hey or at least an article. currently can be found cultivating and curating community events and fundraisers with the Greensboro chapter of the Beard and Mustache Club. He provided access to document and catalog what has to be almost a full collection of flyers and posters from mid 90s Dick St House (at which he is a former resident of).
Scott Williams - early 80s punk and hardcore flyers from both Charlotte and Raleigh area. probably my favorite collection of flyers I've laid eyes upon. you can see more photos, zine clippings, regional flyers of his over at his flickr: epic_warfare
Samb Hicks - a walking, talking encyclopedia of regional music knowledge - sharing a great passion for researching, restoring, cataloging, and making available data/information for one and all. you can see a great example of this in an article he wrote years ago from his research that still holds its own: How North Carolina Got Its Punk Attitude (1998). many of the flyers posted from Scott Williams collection have been digitally restored and cleaned up by Samb as well as the werehouse photos from Jon Courtney. has helped me a countless number of times with who was who or what was what or where places were which has helped tremendously as I investigate and narrow down dates for early NC punk shows and play detective to figure out when and where different stops of bands like black flag, bad brains, etc came through NC towns in the early 80's.
David Stith - sent in the old flyer gallery from his old website ( with some great late 90s and early 00's flyers. a man of many web related talents can be reached: here.
Jonathan Kirby - mid 90s winston-salem flyers galore! while back home in NC visiting got the treat of photographing and scanning in his vast collection of NC flyers and catalog them into the database. great stuff!
Michael Plumides - almost all the 4808 club flyers are from his collection from running the venue in a number of locations in spite of local law enforcement trying to shut it down over and over. ended up writing a book about it entitled: Kill The Music more info on it there as links to purchase it via amazon!
Kristin Sears - on top up being a truly wonderful person, provided a plethora of awesome 90's flyers from across NC - My number one most frequented website while working on this website. I don't quite know how others feel about the idea of marrying a website, but I know the love internet archive wayback machine and I share is true! viva la!
Real Sugar Pepsi - A great tasting, refreshing cola experience, made with real sugar. couldn't have done this without you buddy.
other peoples contributions: some big, some small, in no order of importance or contribution:
Sean Husick (Blankface flyers!) , Mitch Rumfelt (HQ flyers from Asheville!) , Mike Thrower (Great mid-80s stuff!), Jon Courtney, Jimmy Chang, Jami Craver-Jenkins (great winston-salem flyers!), Dylan Hensley (hickory), Christine Gosztyla Durkin (great mid-80s stuff!), Andy Foster, John Fernandez, Kevin Brock, Matt Welborn, Rob Davis, Kat Lamp

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