Contact Information
If you have contributions to the database, want to contribute and need help, questions, feedback, notice an error on the site, or just wanna get in touch to say hi you can use the contact form to the right or directly at:
info at headfirstrecords dot com

Flyer Contributions
high res scan > straight on well lit high res photo > camera phone shot

digital files - any data you can include in the file name for date-city-venue appreciated! IE: 1985-falloutshelter-raleigh-COC-show.jpg

if your digital files are ready - you can e-mail me a zip/rar file or send me a dropbox link!

if you need help digitizing your files, get in touch with the type of content you have and we can go through some options!

Monetary Contributions
we've had a few offers to donate to the cause to help expand what we are doing, or a few bucks for server costs and whatnot. Although the thought is appreciated in the spirit of the website its is it was/is intended to be free and will remain that way.


This has been a Headfirst! Records Production.