Welcome to Punks on Paper, a comprehensive look back at the history of North Carolina Punk and Hardcore through detailed showlistings, flyers, posters, and ticket stubs.

The website went online in 2014 and has since grown to over 5000+ show entries (3000+ of which have a flyer attached!) ranging from the late 70s early waves of punk rock, through the developing 80s hardcore scene, the 1990s indie and grunge days, and on into the current times.

A stroll down memory lane of everything from DIY garages and basements to music halls to hole in the wall clubs to pizza parlors. Including the bigger names like The World Famous Milestone Club, Cat's Cradle, The Brewery down to the more "locals only" spots like the Miracle House of Rocks, Dick Streets and Posidomes of the great state of North Carolina.

We are Punks on Paper.

This has been a Headfirst! Records Production.